We Believe:

  • in focusing on abilities and what is possible, rather than dwelling on barriers
  • barriers have limits and human character is limitless
  • working with horses, with their calm nature and temperament, fosters a better understanding of ourselves, mentally, emotionally and physically
  • when people share their skills and talents the result is positive change
  • youth who live with learning disabilities or are at risk because of behavioural challenges, abuse or conflict with the justice system are worth every effort
  • working with horses compliments traditional therapies
  • spending time with family in a natural setting is a positive choice for youth
  • everyone is worthy of respect, compassion and kindness
  • every person and every horse has value


To create a safe opportunity for youth with special needs and youth-at- risk to thrive. 

H.H.C – H.E.A.L  removes barriers by partnering youth with horses in rural settings so that they can work through issues resulting from low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence, as well as feelings of anxiety and fear.

This helps them to become vital, self aware, active community members, capable of building healthy relationships, understanding their own boundaries and developing communication skills.

Jane Saundercook
Executive Director
Home address – 75 Rolling Acres Drive, Whitby, Ontario L1R 2B8 (905)260-7146
Email jane@horseshelpcanada.com

Heal program page!

This program was designed to help youth develop at a pace that is right for them. When they come out to a HEAL Program it will include a variety of interactions and learning, about horses and about ourselves. Safety is always a high priority and paired with our gentle and loving horses are our highly trained facilitators.

The program includes:

  • Personal introductions to get to know other group members
  • Getting to know the nature of the horse: how they are non-judgmental and give unconditional love
  • Team building activities as a group and with horses
  • Identifying different colours and markings of horses
  • Learning herd dynamics
  • Grooming/bathing techniques
  • Handling techniques
  • Body language and groundwork techniques
  • How horses communicate
  • Parts of tack
  • Tacking up
  • Self-esteem
  • Personal Confidence
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Trust
  • Boundaries
  • Relationships
  • Leadership
  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Goal setting and planning
  • Motivation

Animal Treatment Programs Are Becoming More Widely Recognized!

HEAL workshops are ‘therapedic’.

Our Horses and Healing Programs are designed to create lifelong skills by working with horses to gain personal achievements through equine activities.

Youth make short-term gains in behaviour development that prepare them for long-term success. HEAL uses horsemanship skills integrated with team building techniques to help develop strong positive relationships. Students also benefit by learning and developing skills in horse handling and proper horse care.

When working with horses there are endless possibilities.

Our program facilitators work with each of youth, helping them develop themselves and their horsemanship skills at their own speed.

We focus on each youth.

The HEAL Program allows all Youth to discover their inner self. Horses as teachers empower Youth to deal with their fears, anxiety and anger. Youth are able to recognize their own gifts, while learning how to create healthy boundaries and healthy relationships.