Youth Questions

Q. Horses are big, can I get hurt?

H.E.A.L. horses are calm horses, and trained to specifically work with people in a gentle manner. Since horses are animals, and they have their own behaviours, we show our H.E.A.L. youth how to work with them in the safest manner. In fact, you won’t even be sitting on the horse in the first session.


Q.What if I’m not good at it?

Our courses start slowly and you will be working with kids like yourself, and learning at your own pace. At H.E.A.L., we support each other. Each person discovers what they are good at…and we celebrate it.


Q. What if the horse doesn’t like me?

Horses are known to be unconditionally loving. During your first course you will work around the horses. They will get to know you and you will get to know them. When  connection forms, that is the horse you will work with most often.


Q. What will my friends think?

We don’t know your friends, but H.E.A.L. kids tell us that their friends think it’s cool.


Q. Will I make friends with people who are like me?

Many of our H.E.A.L. youth make friends and develop strong bonds with each other, as well as the horses. The people you take the courses with may have similar experiences to you.[/one_half][one_half_last]

Parent/Guardian Questions

Q. Horses are big, can my son or daughter get hurt?

H.E.A.L. horses are calm horses, and trained to specifically work with people in a gentle manner. Since horses are animals, and they have their own behaviours, we show  our H.E.A.L. youth how to work with horses in the safest manner. In fact, it is quite a few sessions before kids even sit on the horse.


Q. What if my child disrupts other kids?

Our H.E.A.L. kids have similar backgrounds. Our facilitators are specially trained to work with youth who have special needs, helping them to recognize appropriate boundaries and improve their interactions with others.


Q. How will I know my child will like it?

Many of the kids who join our programs are used to a particular daily routine and are sometimes resistant to change. Working with horses is methodical and emotional and it provides a new activity, which also helps develop life skills. Most kids love the program and look forward to coming for each session! We suggest trying H.E.A.L. out for three sessions.


Q. How much does it cost?

Our mission is to help youth. Programs are priced on a sliding scale, and our generous sponsors help subsidize those who need financial assistance to attend.
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Does your son or daughter need a safe activity, with kids who are like themselves?

At Horses Help Canada we understand that all kids are different and those who live with autism, asperbergers, OCD, ADHD, have unexplained behavioural outbursts or who are in vulnerable circumstances can benefit from working alongside horses.

Our HEAL Program pairs highly skilled and trained youth facilitators with youth attendees to give them focused attention and allow them to discover their abilities while developing new ones in a safe manner, among their peers.

HEAL youth accept and appreciate one another. And our horses affirm this.

Does our “therapedic” approach replace other treatments?

Our programs are complementary to traditional methods. Based upon personal experience, HEAL youth generally notice improvements in how they interact with others, helping them build healthy relationships with family, friends and at school. HHC recognizes that many youth do not fit the typical testing of society. Many youth have emotional intelligence that cannot be tested by standarized testing in the current system. Many youth have or need different emotional learning skills. Many youth need a different environment other than a classroom setting or a talk therapy office to learn more about themselves. Many or most of these skills cannot be learned within the typical systems. Many youth are unique and need unique opportunities to discover their abilities and skills. We believe that HEAL is a place where youth can discover themselves and their skills. We believe in the power of positive!

HHC’s HEAL Youth want to come to the farm because it’s fun.[/learn_more] [/one_half_last]