Management Board 

Jane Saundercook – Founder, Program Coordinator

Jack Snedden – President/Chairman 

Yvette Logan – Director

Charmaine Millard – Director and Committee Leader- Event and Fundraising Coordinator

Dave Conway – Director Secretary/Treasurer 

Michael Millard – Director and Committee Leader – Safety Coordinator 

Julie Lefaive – Director and Committee Leader – Technical Consultant 

Jack Snedden – Director of Committee Leader – Media Relations

Dan Carter – Director Of Committee Leader – Human Resources 


Jane Saundercook – Executive Director/Program Coordinator

Megan Hadley –  Assistant Program Facilitator

Paul Brown – Technician/Designing Programmer (Web page) 

Ali Sharifi –  Program Coordinator Horsemanship Teacher & Safety Advisor

Wendy Adler – Program Coordinator

Tyler Adler – Program Coordinator

Tracy Gray – Volunteer, Youth Advocate

Blake Bouillon – Graduate of Horses Help Canada, Horse Handler & Peer Advocate

Maddi Reid – Graduate of Horses Help Canada, Volunteer & Aspiring Program Coordinator

Johanne Joly –  Consultant/Strategic Planner

Sarah Lefaive – Volunteer 

Madison Mallard – Volunteer 

Katie Saundercook – Volunteer 

Justan Mallard – Volunteer

Mary-lou Naccarato – Facebook Administrator 

Sydney Rutherford – Volunteer 

Lacey Barrads – Student Placement/Events Planning