Hi there. I thoroughly enjoyed our day on Friday.  The pictures are fabulous and the day was great.  I hope we can arrange more programs in the near future.

I have a board meeting this evening and I would love to be able to report on your experience.  Can you kindly send me an email regarding the experience at HHC.

Thank you.



The Aspire program was extremely grateful to have the opportunity to visit Horses HELP Canada last week and spend the day with Jane and her team. Our mentors, participants and staff were impressed by the energy and warmth of this group from the moment we arrived. We enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on our comfort level in a leadership role, work on our communication skills and increase our confidence. In fact, it was amazing to see the difference in confidence levels over the day.

“The lesson on communication provided real-life examples of how easily things can be misunderstood… learning on the spot the consequences of our words.” – Participant

“Being around the horses forces you to focus. You can’t worry about getting groceries or whatever else is on your mind, you have to be calm and focused. This results is a clarity of mind, you start to feel really in tune.” – Participant

“Getting practice with trusting your own gut was very confidence boosting” – Participant Mentors, staff and program participants all gained valuable skills during the day – lessons that will stay with us on our personal journey. Thank-you again to everyone involved in making Horses HELP Canada such a great success. To Jane, Maddie, Ali and all of the volunteers thank-you for an incredible day!

The Aspire Team!

NathanKellyHollyBrennynalyssaMarch 16th 2016

I can’t begin to express how amazing the H.E.A.L program has been. On the first day of our three day program we were welcomed by the amazing staff and owner of the farm. Right away you could see the excitement in all the kids. The quiet, introverts were all of a sudden, laughing, talking, and in their element. As the day progressed, well flew by, it was amazing to see how happy the kids were. It was hard to leave that day as there was so much more the kids wanted to do. On the second day, it was amazing to see a child get up on a horse when the last week, she didn’t even want near them. Seeing the kids bond with the horses was touching. I’ve been around horses most my life and have never seen this type of bonding before. It was like the horse were giving the kids a hug. On the final day, I knew it was going to be emotional. Not only were we saying goodbye to the horses but also the great staff. It was awesome to hear Jane say, “this isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later”. I truly hope to be able to take my kid back there and continue working with the H.E.A.L program. I don’t think they even know how much they have done for this child.

October, 2015

Today I learned that I am more confident and do well with horses.  I learned that my mood gets better when petting a horse.  Relaxing and stress relieving.  I also learned that there are better ways to cope with difficult feelings and frustrations…. Megan

I enjoy this program ALOT this is my fourth time with the HEAL program and I have nothing but good things to say.. the staff care alot about our safety they are always nice and greet us with beautiful smiles and open arms.  If I could wish anything for the program I’d wish that they would get more school and help them like they helped me….. Serena Rule

I learned my feelings reflect on the horse.  I’ve learned the relationship that can built with the horse…Katrina

I learned self awareness, respect of animals and safe boundaries.  I love this program… Constable Amanda Cowan

I learned how to respect others personal space… Christian

I have learned about transferring comfortability with horses to people… Donovan

October 14, 2014





October 3, 2014

An outsider’s perspective by, Goulet-Neves Alexandre
Volunteer for Horses Help Canada’s HEAL program.

“When I was invited to help facilitate an event that included pairing up youth with horses, I knew that the potential for success was there. Having visited the zoo, I knew animals often attracts curiosity, sympathy, and tender feelings in most any people. I had looked online on the work that is done at Horses Help Canada, I was given training. But I do not think anything could have prepared me for what happened. From setting up our rustic picnic area, to laying out all the vibrant posters welcoming our clients, I felt like I could visualize everything that would happen. It was almost a shock, when our colorful group of smiling and anticipating teenagers saw the five horses make their entrance in the barn, I, for one second, truly felt it. The four legged gentle giants towered over any of them. I realized just how rich this encounter really was, the deep emotions or concerns some had. The dynamics between one youth and another, as one breaks the ice and the other follows. Those youth were not just doing a task like brushing a horse, they were living through an experience. They all kept in tune with the horses, extending their awareness to get a pulse on how it felt, how it would react, adapting to it. I saw the bravery and the joy of those whom overcame their fear, and I also saw the sense of security some had when they knew they had to say they would not do something, because they did not feel ready, and that they were also supported in that. That is when I understood just how qualified and gifted the staff of Horses Help Canada are. Having a strong intellectual grasp of what needs to be done, but introducing it to our teenagers elegantly. There definitely was an art in how they blended creating a safe well thought out frame, while allowing this magical experience to happen, and promoting it ever so subtly. As I finished my day I was left wondering if I was not the one who had learned the most from my day at the Ranch.”

October 3, 2014
Alicia – HEAL Volunteer

“I was a HEAL participant 3 years ago, I am now a volunteer. My story about how I was scared and I wasn’t confident – scared to do anything. How I didn’t believe in my self until I came to Horses Help Canada and now I am confident, and now I believe in myself, and now I think I can do “stuff”. I talked to a participant about how to connect with the horses. Like if you are an outgoing person that you would work good – connect with the horse. We had some “stuff” to relate about. I am helping someone because she is going through what I went through.”

October 3, 2014
Samara – HEAL Program Participant

“I learned how to be a leader and respect myself and the horse.”

October 3, 2014
Joanna – HEAL Program Participant

“This experience here really makes me want to come back every year! I am grateful that I am able to come here and be with the horses and learn about myself. My favorite horse would have to be Moose. He was easy to lead and he is beautiful.”

October 3, 2014
Robbie – HEAL Volunteer

“The program is amazing, with lots or positive attitudes. Lots of people with benefit from this experience.”

October 3, 2014
Ana – HEAL Participant

“It was a positive and relaxing experience. Great to do after dealing with personal and professional grief or issues. I will definitely come back to re-experience, and maybe in the future be as good as the trainers to help others.”

October 3, 2014
Ashley – HEAL Participant

“I felt connected with the horses – very calm animals. But I need to relax. Tex and Moose are very sweet horses. It was very calm to brush the horse. Tex is really sweet. In my opinion, I think less people around would be more comfortable due to my social anxiety. Nonetheless, it was a great experience. I would recommend this place, and would love to come again”

October 3, 2014
Erica – HEAL Participant

“I would love to volunteer with the program. The experience I have here with HEAL I can bring is the determination to learn and help others see how the program and horses can explore ones self. I have done a few days and its been amazing and very eye-opening to me. I learned that I can lead and be confident, and I can control my nervousness. I would love to be able to come back again.”

October 3, 2014
Samantha – HEAL Participant

“My favourite horse to work with was Rio. He was stubborn at first but was quickly very easy to work with and connect to on a level to work together. I would love to come back again.”

October 3, 2014
Wendy – HEAL Volunteer

“It was great to watch the kids bond with the horses, and to see their faces when they succeeded. It reignited my love for horses. Great program!! This is so amazing for kids of all backgrounds.”

October 3, 2014
Pamela – HEAL Participant

“I can see how beneficial and valuable this work is for youth, and especially for building self-esteem and overcoming fears. It was wonderful to see the benefit for the youth who were initially afraid and then confident. I would be interested in continuing to participate and promote this program.”

October 3, 2014
Val – HEAL Volunteer

“My son participated in this program three years ago and still talks about it. He leared that he is impatient. I can just say that this is a fantastic program.”

October 3, 2014
Maddie – HEAL Volunteer

“This program changed my life. I am now a volunteer and have achieved success because of “Momma Jane”. I learn something new every time – mainly that I love this work. I would love to become the lead facilitator.”

October 3, 2014
Tracy – HEAL Volunteer

“This is an awesome experience for every youth.”

Aug 24, 2012

“Being given the chance to try out H.E.A.L. has been amazing. Grooming the horses, tacking them made it seem so much more calming when around large animals like horses and see that I don’t have to be nervous. It was the most incredible experience being at the ranch and riding, but also learning and I enjoyed being able to ride Key who is such a beautiful horse.” ~Erica, age, HEAL participant

Aug 18, 2012

“Dear Sponsor, (Jump Start)

Thank you so much for me to come to the program for the day. I had so much fun. I feel so confident with the horses, now I want to keep coming here. I want to not have a fear of bigger horses. Thank you so much!” ~ Alycia Stephens, age

August 24, 2012

“What a great time for all ages, this program will enhance people of every background. The staff were excellent and knowledgeable and informative. The horses were very gentle and beautiful to be around. Riding the trail ride was the best part of the day. A big thank you and if you have found this program come for the day you will love it, I did.” ~ John Gore- Salvation Army

Aug 24, 2012

“H.E.A.L. has been an educational and fun experience, educating about the horses, bonds with the horse, grooming and fundamentals of riding. You get the chance to first learn then obtain first hand experience working with the horse and alongside the staff to build the required courage needed to complete the tasks you go through while working with the horses. There is great deal to learn and H.E.A.L. helps fill in the blanks.” ~ Samantha

May 2011

“Dear Jane,

In the past we have found it difficult to come up with different types of programming that would entice all our of cliental at the same time. These struggles come from having such a wide variety of clients with an even wider range of needs. This all changed two weekends ago. I took a group of 5 of our clients up to the bbq the H.E.A.L. program was putting on to get the word out on their up and coming programs. I had both male and female clients, ranging in ages from 12 to 18. The entire two hours that we were at the “Ranch” (as the clients called it) there were not concerns, issues, or negative behaviours from any of the clients. Upon arriving to the farm, each client was greeted with warm and friendly smiles and “how are you doings?” They immediately went straight to several horses and began feeding them any hay they could find on the ground.

One of the older clients, who has difficulty expressing himself positively, appeared confident and happy when near the horses. He stated several times that he couldn’t believe how trustworthy the horses were of him (even only after being there for 5minuters) he was able to pet the horses and was amazed when he was allowed to sit on a horse. Their were some nervous moments in the beginning but shortly he was sitting up taller and taking control of such a large animal. His confidence was remarkably high at this point, and remained that way for the rest of the day.

A younger, more hyperactive  female client immediately was able to calm down and be gentle with the horses, which is not a normal behaviour for her. Each client was able the interact with the horses on their own terms and at their own speed. This was unbelievable for the clients. They come from difficult home lives, that otherwise don’t allow them to have any control.

Our clients may look like they are your typical teenagers, but they are young at mind. They love nothing more then to be able to express themselves and not be judged when doing so. You could tell by the looks on their faces that H.E..A.L. was one of those “safe places” they could identify with. They were able to have their face painted and be with people that didn’t laugh or judge them for looking like kitty cats. They were in their element..

The calming atmosphere didn’t just last at the Ranch, for the rest of the day and weekend there were no negative behaviours from the clients. They were calm, talkative, and appeared more confident in their day to day routines. Each one of them made a phone call home boasting about their exciting adventure down on the Ranch.

This simple two hour experience meant so much to each of these clients that they will be talking about it for weeks. They have asked several times if they can go back to see the horses and be able to feed them again. Unfortunately due to the funding we are allotted, this type of program is out of our budget. This is frustrating not only for our clients but for the workers as we get to reap the benefits of such a therapeutic atmosphere along with the clients. This experience helped our day to run smoother and be able to connect with the clients and build better rapports (as they were calmer, happier, and more eager to communicate).

We are looking for any support that we could have in making this experience more accessible to our  clients. It is a wonderful place, that would mean a lot to our clients to be apart of.

Thank you so much for your time in getting to know more about our clients.

Thank you again!” ~ Frontenac Youth Services